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I missed you the moment i walked out through that door.

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I want you to need me.

I’m not popular, but I have awesome friends. I’m not rich, but I have everything I need. I may not be liked by all, but I know I am loved.

just a random thought.

One day,

  • you’re gonna miss me chasing you.
  • you’re gonna miss my pointless texts.
  • you’re gonna look for someone like me.
  • you’re gonna look for someone who loved you exactly like I did.
  • I’m gonna forget everything about you.

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It is hard..?

It is hard to get attached to someone and then things change in a snap. You’ll long for his touch, his voice, his sweet messages and the way he was to you. It’s harder when you were never together. It’s like losing someone that was never yours in the first place. 

I don’t want to get attached because I suck at letting people go. But that’s the problem isn’t? I get attached too easily: the slightest touch and those tiny little efforts. And then when they change, I’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

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  • What happened to us? We simply just drifted away from each other.
  • Stupid expectations almost killed me.
  • Well I’m sorry if I fell for you too fast that you couldn’t catch up with my feelings.
  • Next time, don’t make someone fall for you, if you have no intention of catching them.
  • I was a fool for you and you emphasized it.
  • I tried not to want you, but I end up wanting you more.

It’s us versus time and distance.

I miss you so much. Take care. Please. 

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One of the worst feeling: Being forgotten. ?

It hurts to know that this person who once become a part of your life is no one but a stranger now. It hurts to feel very distant from the person who you once loved. It hurts to know that you were once important to someone but now you’re nothing but a distant memory to them. Sometimes, a question pops in your mind, “Where the hell did I go wrong?” and sometimes even, “Am I not good enough?”. You don’t know what went wrong. You don’t know what broke the pieces. The pieces that enable your heart to become the happiest from the moment you met him. The pieces that molded you to become the best person you can ever be, gone, broke.

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How will you know I am hurting, if you cannot see my pain?

There’s that one guy that no matter the distance between you two, no matter how long you go without talking, you’ll never stop loving him.

Crying is not the answer. But it makes everything feel better.

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There’s a reason why people don’t stay where they are.


It’s so hard when you’re away from me.

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All the success in the world would mean nothing if there would be no one to share it with.


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"One day we will laugh together saying all this time was worth waiting for. :”>"

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