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Hello! My name is KAESHA.

I can be as sweet as honey, but
i can be a badass bitch as well. >:)

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One of the most memorable nights ever.

Define awkward. Hahahaha. The look on Seige’s face was priceless. :)))))))))

That person you can stare at the whole day without getting tired.

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I already got one of my Christmas wishes. :”>

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a good one!

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That awesome moment when the person you miss randomly texts you.

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one day, you will realize how much i was there for you when i’m gone.

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if there’s nothing missing in my life, then why do these tears come at night?

waiting for better days to come.

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If I like you,

  • I text right away once I get your text.
  • I answer right away when you call.
  • I get out of my ways to do something for you.
  • I think about you day and night
  • I worry about you.
  • I spend my time and efforton you.
  • I’m here when you need comfort and love.
  • don’t just like anyone. 
  • I make time for you, always.
  • I put you on top of everyone else. 
  • I make you a priority.

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I want to switch lives with a friend for a whole week so someone could at least know how difficult it is to be me. Srsly.

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"it’s okay"

Ha! Easy for you to say because it’s not happening to you. Ugh. I really hate it when people do that. I know it’s gonna be okay someday.. but for now, at the moment, IT IS NOT FUCKING OKAY. So please. Just shut up. I am not asking for your advice. I just want you to listen. I just need to let this out.

I really need you right now.

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I’m sorry if i have this kind of life and you don’t. It was never my fault. I didn’t choose to have this life, it was made for me. Well, i’m just sorry it wasn’t the same for you. Now, stop acting like an insecure bitch because there’s nothing i can do about your life. But you, you have all the control with your own. SO PLEASE STOP MESSING WITH MINE.

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Bursting out into tears because you can’t take it anymore.

I’ve been encountering many problems with haters at school lately. It’s going out of proportion. People destroying my name here and there. I think it’s becoming too much. I can’t handle it anymore. I’m so tired. I’m so fvcked up. They keep on bringing me down. All this hate is killing me. I don’t know what to do anymore. 

No matter who you are or what you do, you are always going to run into those people who would bring you down, discourage you, and hurt you. That’s reality.

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